Investglobe & Associates Corporation (IAC) is the Canadian Investment, Consulting and Management firm which is incorporated under Canada Business Corporation Act (CBCA). IAC provides full-scale business solutions in the international market, and works with clients from both the public and private sectors. IAC has carried out work with strategic partners such as designers, developers, and constructors in the continents of North America, Africa, Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East.


IAC works with public and private sectors to engage investors; To promote and acquire intelligence on new propositions from investors; To explore growth opportunities; To investigate entry into foreign markets; To identify new revenue streams; To attract FDI and capitalize on new technologies; To evaluate strategies, minimize risk and stay ahead of competition. In addition, IAC helps clients engage top C-level executives from world's top corporations, high level government officials, government institutions, and Public Organizations. These are just few among many solutions IAC offers its clients to achieve growth and hence competitive advantage.